I am sure you are curious and would like see what other gentlemen have to say about me. 

Here is a sample...of a few recent and a few from when I was just starting. 

Feel free to add your own experience here at the bottom of the page.  

"put life back into an old guy." W

"She is great to talk to and knows when to be quiet." Jim

"And lets not forget that I can mark the naughty masseuse fantasy off my bucket list now." Mike

"Where did you attend massage school?  ...Really you have amazing technique." LM

"Wow you are sweeter than you are cute and you are so damn cute!" Anonymous 

"The only way I can describe it is it was totally natural and the flow was just what I was looking for."      Doc 

 "I just had my 70th birthday, I like sensuously slow massages, good conversation, and a few really hotly intense minutes. That done, we showered together, and she attended to me very nicely, using a soft cloth to gently build lather and slowly massage it away. "     RS  

"Brandy is tender, beautiful, discreet, sensuous, and Most of all she has a keen intellect about herself and excellent people skills, (on top of all her fine assets) she was really fun to be with... all I can say is this sexy little spinner is second to none..!"     Anonymous

 "I usually don't book multiple hour dates, but this was so worth it.   Highly recommended.  Thank you!"   TW

"Her ads are honest, it really is all about you."    PL

 "I found Brandy to be great company and lots of fun.  I enjoyed every minute I spent with her this time and am looking forward to more in the future."   AK 

"She has a laid back attitude and is very caring.  Her skills are outstanding. I have enjoyed every visit with you and I look forward to many more."  LL  

 “How could one not love being with someone smart, happy, honest, and at the same time melts all over you at the same time. "  24enjoy  

“I spent some quality, pleasurable time with a sweet young woman who knows what she is about and is very good at it, as well as being just fun to be with.”  HarryE. RIP

“There's something about this girl. She's absolutely charming and disarmingly honest, but on top of that she's genuinely sexy and truly sincere. She knows what she likes and knows how to share it. Honestly, this woman presents a truly unique experience. I had a great time and would recommend her to any other gent who is curious about her. Very sweet girl.”  Phil Anderer



Added on October 21, 2017

I just shared an incredible experience with this lovely lady. While sharing lunch with her, we got into such a great conversation that I almost forgot what was to ensue afterwards. Once we got to her place and she went to work, the conversation continued, frequently interrupted by my breathe being taken away by her ability to find just the right spots to work on. I really look forward to seeing her again. She is worthy of your mature and respectful behavior
Marc Mooney

Added on March 18, 2016

What a nice review. You express yourself well. I wish you the best and hope I can visit you some day.
Old Fart

Added on April 10, 2014

Brandy is a petite, beautiful young lady who is versed in the sensual arts wayy beyond most women that I have ever encountered. Her incall is clean and well appointed, and she went the extra mile to make me feel welcome, and followed that up with a session that was far beyond my wildest expectations. She is a true giver, but at the same time, she wasn't at all shy in telling me what she enjoyed. I'm an old fart, and was amazed at the level of energy that she brought me to. Thanks Brandy!! Till next time!!:-)

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