My Signature Style Bodywork   

All sessions are done 
in the nude or lingerie of choice in a private setting, starting with soft touch working into a 
deeper focused rub on your problem areas using body2body pressure and body sliding in a rhythmic combination relieving all tension.  
Then far more sensual body2body and body sliding teasing with a focus on your sensitive areas.

 Meet & greet public date

 Coffee shop or Bookstore 
approx 15-20 minutes $40

After our first private session deduct $50 from donations below

One un-rusher hour 
  All about you $200

90 plus minutes 

All about you $300
Sampling Ms. Sweets with
Sensual Domination   $400

 up to 3 hours
"Tryst" or The Date  $900

Sweet dreams can come true
 ask me about extended time, overnights and weekends 

Extended dates could take place a variety of places

including mine or yours but here are some fun ideas


Once we have greeted each other and you are at ease please, leave the donation visible anywhere you're comfortable with. will not move it until we are thru. All donations are non-negotiable to be considered for my time, consultation & companionship only.

If you like what you see and would like to share some time, please feel free to contact me.  Also if there is something special I can wear, do or provide for our time together don't be shy, please just ask. I hope to hear from you soon,